7. What should I do if I have an oral emergency?

If you feel you are experiencing an oral emergency and need immediate care, contact the dentist at Healthy Smiles of Georgia immediately and explain the condition. Dentist will suggest to you whether you need an urgent appointment or not.

6. What do you mean by teledentistry?

Teledentistry comes under telemedicine, where patients can receive health care services remotely through videoconferencing technology. This procedure is quite effective during covid times when you are far away from the dentist to travel and avoid exposure to the virus. The […] Continue Reading

5. How to prioritize your dental health during the Covid-19 pandemic?

As the virus persists, it has become more than important to look after your oral health by practicing a good oral care routine. Our oral health is connected to overall health. Our mouth lets us eat, talk, drink and smile, […] Continue Reading

4. What do you mean by Infection control and prevention procedures?

Infection prevention and control procedures are a set of risk management measures and standard precautions required to be followed by health care providers to prevent the transmission of diseases. This approach offers a high level of protection to patients and […] Continue Reading

3. What are the steps dental offices taking to prevent the spreading of the Covid-19 virus?

Dental treatment needs close dentist-patient contact. Therefore, dental offices follow infection control and prevention guidelines with each of their patients to avoid any infection from person to person. That includes dentists and staff wearing changed masks and gloves with each […] Continue Reading

2. What is expected during a dental appointment covid-19?

Pre-appointment – Your dental office will contact you before your visit and ask certain questions regarding your health. That is done to ensure that patients arriving at the dental clinic are healthy. You might be asked to limit the number […] Continue Reading

1 . Is it safe to visit a dental practice when the Covid-19 virus still persists?

Yes, it is safe to visit as dental practices have implemented various procedures to ensure everyone’s safety. Some of the measures are: Dental appointments are lengthened and staggered. Pre-appointment screening. Temperature checking of staff and patients. Infection control and prevention […] Continue Reading