2. What is expected during a dental appointment covid-19?

Posted on: November 18, 2020

Pre-appointment – Your dental office will contact you before your visit and ask certain questions regarding your health. That is done to ensure that patients arriving at the dental clinic are healthy. You might be asked to limit the number of people to be brought during the appointment. It means you might be asked to leave your children at home and let your older children visit independently. 

During the appointment – You are required to wear a mask when you visit the click. You may be asked to wait outside for a while until they are ready to see you. That limits the patients’ contact with each other. Before you enter the office, your temperature would be measured.

At the dental office, you may observe changes like any toys, magazines or other stuff are removed that patients would touch. Additional measures will be taken by the dentist too for your and your dental protection.

Post-appointment – Once your appointment is over, the staff will disinfect and clean the area thoroughly where you’ve been for the next patient’s risk-free appointment.

Suppose you observe any covid-19 related symptoms within 14 days of your visit to the dental office. Contact us immediately so that anyone in the dental office who has been in contact with you is informed.

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