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Composite Fillings Alpharetta, GA

At Healthy Smiles of Georgia, we use composite fillings on a regular basis. If you live in Alpharetta, GA or the 30004 area and are looking for a natural-looking restoration, we encourage you to call (678) 762-0690 and schedule an appointment. Dr. Jai is an expert at placing these tooth-colored fillings and doing so in a way that is entirely comfortable. This is one of our most frequently used procedures, since a filling is typically placed after removing tooth decay (common cavities). If you have amalgam fillings now, we can even replace them with composite ones. To learn more, call 678-762-0690 and schedule a dental examination.

The Benefits of Getting a Tooth-Colored Filling

We can place a composite resin filling quickly. This is an affordable and durable restoration that can be placed in less than 30 minutes per tooth. As with most dental care, experience matters, and since we place these fillings on a daily basis, we are skilled at completing the procedure in a way that is comfortable, effective, and fast. If you live in the Alpharetta area, we encourage you to consider the many benefits of getting tooth-colored fillings instead of amalgam ones.

Silver vs. Tooth Colored Filling: What You Should Know

Our cosmetic fillings are safer for your health. This is because they are made of resin or a plastic material. Silver fillings are typically not silver, but a metal alloy comprised of several materials, among them mercury. There have been numerous health warnings regarding the overexposure to mercury, which is why pregnant women are warned to stay away from tuna. While many people believe amalgam fillings are perfectly safe, the data can be contradictory from study to study. If you want to avoid the risks that come with mercury exposure, have tooth-colored fillings placed, or have your existing silver ones replaced, visit our Georgia dental office.

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What is a composite resin (white filling)?

Resin fillings are created to match the shade of your natural teeth. This way, it will blend in once placed. While it is called a “white” filling, the actual shade could be more of a crème, if that is what’s required. Composite resin fillings function in the same way amalgam ones do, so they are still effective for restoring teeth that have suffered from decay or fracture.

What are the advantages of composite vs. amalgam fillings?

The biggest advantages of composite vs. amalgam fillings is that composite colored fillings do not stand out. If you have a cavity and need a filling, you can select a restoration that stands out when you smile or one that blends in. With amalgam fillings, it is easy to tell who has had good oral health and who has not. Fillings are a sign of poor health, so those with amalgam fillings are at a disadvantage. However, if you have a composite resin filling, it will blend in so seamlessly, even you may have difficulty remembering which tooth had the restoration. To learn more about this option, call (678) 762-0690 and schedule an appointment with our Alpharetta, GA dental office.

How are cosmetic fillings used?

In our 30004 dental office, we use cosmetic fillings to restore tooth structure that has been removed due to decay or to restore a tooth that has been slightly damaged. For example, if a tooth has been slightly chipped or some of the enamel is gone, a filling could be the appropriate restoration.

Can anyone get a filling?

No. At Healthy Smiles of Georgia, we place fillings on a frequent basis, but in order for this type of restoration to work, you need to have a certain amount of healthy tooth structure remaining. If too much is gone, a dental crown may be a better solution, because a crown surrounds the tooth like a cap, providing a stronger and more protective restoration.

What is the difference between tooth-colored or composite dental fillings?

Composite dental fillings are just one type of tooth-colored fillings available to you. While they are typically used interchangeably, there is more than one way to receive a tooth-colored or natural-looking filling. Natural-looking ones are typically made of resin, ceramic, plastic, or glass ionomer, the most common being composite resin. All are effective, but glass ionomer lasts the least amount of time since the material is more fragile.

How long do resin fillings last?

There is no set expiration date, but Dr. Jai warns patients that fillings can deteriorate and wear down just like normal teeth. This makes it important to practice good oral hygiene and to brush with a soft or electronic toothbrush while avoiding biting down on anything inedible like a pencil.

Are there any special care instructions for cosmetic fillings?

No, you need to care for your fillings just like you do your other teeth. You need to brush at least twice a day and floss on a daily basis. We recommend using fluoride toothpaste, since this can help to further strengthen your teeth and prevent further decay. In some cases, we may even recommend a fluoride treatment in our dental office. You should also be careful to avoid doing anything that could damage your teeth and wear a mouthguard if applicable. Keep in mind that a filling is there to restore your tooth structure both in appearance and in functionality. This means we are not trying to restrict your activities or even what you can eat. Instead, we place fillings to ensure your life is not interrupted and you can return to your normal daily activities quickly.

When can I eat like normal?

If you need to have a filling placed, we will first need to remove the decayed portion of your tooth and complete a thorough cleaning. Next, the composite resin filling material will be placed on your tooth and shaped before being hardened. The shape needs to be just right so your bite will fit together correctly. It can take a couple of days to get used to eating on the tooth, so while it will not be particularly uncomfortable, you may have one day where you feel as though you are adjusting. For more specific information, call 678-762-0690 to schedule an appointment.



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