Smile Gallery

Actual Patients

Please take a moment to look through our smile makeover gallery to see some of our patients' "before-and-after" photos for examples of our cosmetic dental work.



Complete Dentures

Plan to replace upper and lower missing teeth with permanent dentures.
Upper arch complete denture and lower arch partial denture gives the patient a great smile, ability to chew well and support the face

Porcelain Veneers

Patient needed to replace her old discolored bonding.
Smile restored with natural looking porcelain veneers

Fixed Bridge

Lower anterior bridge–Patient concerned about missing lower front teeth and old chipped bridge
Lower anterior Fixed Bridge The new bridge closes the space, matches the patient’s natural teeth and fits perfect

Zoom In-Office Teeth Whitening

Zoom in-office teeth whitening
Whiter teeth and brighter smile in just 1 hour

Fixed Bridge -upper front teeth due to fractured crown and discolored enamel.
All porcelain fixed bridge –Patient very pleased with beautiful esthetics and ideal form.

Permanent Porcelain Crowns

Restoring the missing tooth with a single implant
Implant crown permanently restores a beautiful smile