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Get Periodontal Care Treatment for the best oral health by our Periodontist in Alpharetta

Most of us are focused on keeping our teeth healthy, but for a healthy mouth, healthy gums are as important as healthy teeth. Healthy gums are helpful in the stabilization of teeth when they are anchored to the jawbone. They are also useful in keeping the bacteria away from the root surface. Unfortunately, many of us are unable to maintain healthy gums which leads to periodontal diseases ranging from minimal gingivitis to severe gum diseases. Are you worried about the question, “which is the best periodontist near me“? At Healthy Smiles of Georgia, we have the best periodontist to keep your gums in the best and healthy condition.

Our Periodontal care Treatment will include a comprehensive exam to determine if there are any gum diseases and to what extent it has reached. X-rays and CT scan will be conducted to evaluate your condition. Based on the results for the above, our dentist will formulate a treatment plan to restore your amazing oral health.

What do you mean by periodontics?

Periodontics involves the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gum diseases. It comprises a wide range of dental services and procedures to treat your gums. Do not wait until you are affected by painful gum diseases to get periodontal treatment. If you find that your gums appear red, purple, tender, swollen or bleeding, make an appointment with your dentist instantly to evaluate your condition and formulate the best treatment plan.

Who is a periodontist?

A periodontist is also a dentist who has finished dental school as well as 3 additional years of specialised dental training. At Healthy Smiles of Georgia, our periodontists have completed their education; they have years of training and experience to offer you personalised treatment support so that you get the best care for your mouth. Paying a visit to a dentist twice a year is an essential part of your dental treatment plan, but some of us need additional periodontal care to have healthy gums and prevention of diseases. The one who offers periodontal care is equipped to provide proper cleaning and maintenance that most of us need to keep the best oral health.

Warning signs

At the beginning stages of gingivitis, you won’t experience any discomfort at all, but you might see redness, swelling or a little bleeding. If gingivitis reaches an advanced stage, you may experience bone and tissue loss. If the bone loss starts to occur, dentists will conduct a thorough examination to make an accurate assessment.

Given below are some of the symptoms that you may have gum diseases:

Risk factors



Gingivitis is the mildest type of periodontal disease wherein gums become infected, inflamed, reddish and swollen. You might experience some bleeding while brushing or flossing. It can be treated easily.


If gingivitis is left untreated, it would convert into a more severe and dangerous condition known as periodontitis. Plaque is known as the sticky film of bacteria covering your teeth which should be easily removed with the help of daily hygiene. If you neglect this cleaning, this plaque hardens and forms tartar. The bacteria present in the plaque starts invading gums and causes infection and irritation. When the gum infection begins to spread, the gums start to pull itself away from teeth, thus increasing infection. The condition will reach that level if not treated that the tooth will have to be removed or it will fall on its own.

Advanced periodontitis

If periodontal care treatments are left untreated, it can lead to bone loss. Plaque causes periodontal diseases and contains bacteria that inflames and infects the gums, pulling them away from the teeth. It worsens the condition.


Your treatment will depend on the extent of the infection. The treatment will include scaling and root planning for mild to moderate periodontal diseases. In this case, the tartar present is removed and the teeth roots are smoothened out.

In case of severe infections, the treatment plan may consist of removal of diseased tissues or creation of a flap in the gums through a surgery and the replacement of gum tissues with sutures. In extreme conditions, the tooth may be required to get extracted. If your tooth gets extracted, you can get teeth replacement through dental implants, dentures, bridges or other restorative treatment.

At Healthy Smiles of Georgia, we have a team of periodontists in Alpharetta, who are certified by the board. You can preserve your smile by getting your gums treated by our experienced and highly professional dentists. Contact us today for any queries or booking an appointment with us. We are waiting to offer you the smile of your dreams.

How to Keep Your Gums Healthy

You can prevent periodontitis by taking simple steps that include brushing your teeth after meals, flossing on a daily basis and rinsing your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash once a day. This will help to remove bacteria and sugar from your teeth and gums before they can turn into plaque. Eating a healthy diet that is low in sugar can also help to keep your gums healthy. At Healthy Smiles of Georgia, we further recommend having your teeth cleaned professionally at least twice a year so that we can remove plaque and tartar from hard to reach places. This will ensure that your gums remain healthy.

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