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Professional teeth whitening services in Alpharetta

An integral part of our body is teeth. Since our childhood, we have been learning how important is to keep the teeth clean. Even after regular cleaning, our teeth will experience yellowish discoloration after a period of time. This depends on aging and food habits. So, visiting an expert teeth whitening dentist is always advisable.

Professional teeth whitening service providers have made whitening easy. With the help of proprietary mixtures developed by the research team they bring back the natural colour to your teeth and give you a shining smile.


Teeth whitening is classified under the head cosmetic dentistry. This is also known as teeth bleaching where carbamide peroxide gel is used to eliminate discolourations and stains from your mouth. Hence the natural pigmentation of your teeth is brightened and your smile is enhanced.

At Healthy Smiles of Georgia we offer two teeth whitening services in Alpharetta:

In-office teeth whitening – In this your dentist will make of laser light and brighten your teeth five to seven shades lighter in just an hour.

At home – With the help of whitening trays you can brighten your teeth up to eight shades in just two weeks.


Generally, we think that the teeth are of white color. But, the enamel of your tooth can be of different shades. With time they change the color or becomes stained. There are different reasons for teeth staining:

In-office teeth whitening

This provides us with amazing results. This process is performed by the teeth whitening dentist at his dental clinic. This procedure takes about an hour and you get an instant outcome. This procedure is a bit expensive but the instant results can save you lots of time.

Teeth whitening trays and gels

These trays and gels produce effective results but they are more time taking than in-office whitening. The strength of the gel decides whether it is to be worn for a few hours in a day or keep it overnight. It will take 3 days or a couple of weeks to show effective results. Generally, there are two kinds of teeth whitening trays and gels – one that you purchase from the counter and the other prescribed by the dentist.

Whitening strips

These whitening products have become very popular in every drug store. These are not costly, user-friendly and gives better results. They make take a longer time to produce results.

Whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste is available at any store. They have mild abrasives that remove stains from your tooth surface. These types of toothpastes are more effective than regular toothpaste.

Over the counter Whitening products

There are different new whitening products available nowadays like whitening chewing gum, dental floss, mouthwash, etc.


There may be some after-effects noticed after the treatment like tooth sensitivity. Even your gums may also be irritated for a short period of time. These side effects are temporary and if they don’t go, visit your dentist. To avoid any kind of problems make sure you follow all the instructions given by your dentist or product. In the case of whitening products do not use it more than required or written in the product. Excess of whitening can be harmful to your enamel.


The teeth that are newly whitened are more prone to stains. To keep your teeth stain-free and white for a long time, avoid taking tobacco and colored foods after the treatment for a few days.

If you require professional teeth whitening treatment, visit us at Healthy Smiles of Georgia and get a twinkling smile. So, waste no time and schedule an appointment with us today. A new bright smile is waving at you.

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