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Effect of pandemic on dental health effect of pandemic on dental health

In these unprecedented and challenging times, the whole world is trying to make necessary changes to cope with COVID-19. Dentistry is no different. Certain firm measures have been put into place to ensure the dentist’s safety, the employees, and most importantly the patients. People are terrified to schedule an appointment, which is understandable but neglecting their dental health. If a patient doesn’t get checked by a dentist for long, then there might be unforeseen consequences to something as trivial as sensitivity or a small break in enamel. For example, a small asymptomatic cavity tends to be overlooked by patients until it transforms into a root canal, ending up hurting and costing more.

Nothing supersedes natural structures in our mouth in strength, integrity and function. In a nutshell, prevention is better than cure and for prevention, the patients need to get their teeth periodically checked.

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