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Gingivitis Symptoms and Treatment

Gingivitis Symptoms and Treatment

If you are in need of periodontics services, call (678) 762-0690 and schedule an appointment with our Alpharetta, GA dental office.  As a 30004 dentist, we can provide you with the periodontal treatment you require in order to eliminate gum disease or the early stages of gingivitis.

What You Should Know About Gingivitis Symptoms

If you are concerned that you may have gingivitis, it is important that you visit our dental office for a thorough examination.  Here are some signs of gingivitis that you can watch for at home –

  • Red and swollen gums.
  • Bleeding gums.
  • Teeth that are looking longer than normal.
  • Pockets in your gum tissue.
  • Gums that are constantly hurting or irritated.
  • Adult or permanent teeth that are suddenly loose and wiggling.
  • Your partial or complete dentures not fitting like they used to.

Some of these are symptoms of gingivitis (the first stage in gum disease) but they can also be indicative of more serious periodontal disease.  In any case, you should call (678) 762-0690 and visit our 30004 office for periodontal treatment right away.

Why Patients Visit Our Alpharetta, GA Office for Periodontics Treatments

At Healthy Smiles of Georgia, our periodontal treatment can be used to treat both gingivitis and more advanced gum disease. This is because we begin by removing what is irritating your gums in the first place. Gum disease typically starts because plaque and tartar have built up on the surface of the teeth, underneath the gums. When you clean your teeth at home, it is impossible to reach this area, although flossing can help to prevent it. Once plaque and tartar have built-up underneath your gums, it will continue to irritate your gum tissue until it begins to pull away from the tooth structure and recede. This is what creates the pockets in your gum tissue and can eventually lead to more damage as your tooth structure and roots become exposed. Eventual tooth loss is a subsequent reality for many patients.

Gingivitis Treatment Options from Our Periodontics Office

At Healthy Smiles of Georgia, we will perform a deep dental cleaning in order to remove the plaque and tartar. This is a much more advanced cleaning than a traditional preventive appointment would provide. Based on the level of gingivitis or gum disease from which you are suffering, we will let you know whether this deep dental cleaning can be completed in one appointment or if you will need to visit our office to have your teeth cleaned in quadrants. This is very often the case, especially with more advanced gum disease. Before getting started, we will numb the area so that you do not experience discomfort during the actual treatment. However, after receiving our periodontal treatment, you should expect your gums to be somewhat swollen and irritated. The use of ibuprofen and an ice pack will help to decrease any swelling and discomfort that you may be experiencing, and within a few days to a couple of weeks; you should feel normal again – only better because your gums will begin to return to good health.

Once your gums have healed from a deep dental cleaning, we will let you know what other treatments may be necessary to return your gums to excellent health.

Schedule an Examination with Healthy Smiles of Georgia

To learn more about periodontics, gum disease, or our various periodontal treatments, call (678) 762-0690 and schedule an appointment with our Alpharetta dental office.

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