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We Use Special Tools to Assist in Performing Root Canal Therapy in our Alpharetta Office

If one of your teeth becomes infected, a root canal therapy can save it and prevent the need to pull it.  We understand that root canals have a bad reputation, but the reality is far different than the myth.  Root […] Continue Reading

Why Men Shouldn’t Skip Visiting the Dentist in Alpharetta

If you are a guy that hasn’t seen a Alpharetta dentist in a few years, you’re not alone.  The Academy of General Dentistry found that men tend to visit a dental office less frequently than women and that 45 percent […] Continue Reading

Your Gum Health Is Critically Important and a Periodontist in Alpharetta Can Keep Gums Healthy

As a periodontist in Alpharetta, we can restore your oral health by treating any signs of gum disease. Many people are unaware of how important gum health is to overall health. Your gums are what hold your teeth securely in […] Continue Reading

Our Alpharetta Restorative Dentistry Office Can Save Your Damaged Tooth

As a provider of restorative dentistry in Alpharetta, we focus on providing solutions to restore and save teeth that have become damaged. In years past, a damaged tooth may have been pulled, but now we want to save the tooth […] Continue Reading

How Do I Know if Cosmetic Dentistry Is the Right Option for Me?

If you want to know if cosmetic dentistry can help you, call and schedule a consultation with our Alpharetta office. We focus on improving the appearance of teeth while helping our patients stay in excellent oral health. Our goal is […] Continue Reading

Teeth Whitening Services in Alpharetta: Know Your Options

When you are considering teeth whitening services in Alpharetta, it is important to know your options. You should visit our professional office for help determining what kind of teeth whitening service is right for your teeth. Once we get to […] Continue Reading

When Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

At Healthy Smiles of Georgia, we perform tooth extractions on a regular basis and also perform dental restorations. It is our goal to save teeth whenever possible but sometimes this is not a possibility, and at that point, a tooth […] Continue Reading

Gingivitis Symptoms and Treatment

If you are in need of periodontics services, call (678) 784-0806 and schedule an appointment with our Alpharetta, GA dental office.  As a 30004 dentist, we can provide you with the periodontal treatment you require in order to eliminate gum […] Continue Reading

Learn About Restorative Dentistry

At Healthy Smiles of Georgia, we provide our Alpharetta patients with a variety of dental restoration solutions. If you have cracked your tooth, chipped a tooth, damaged it in some other way or are struggling with a dental infection, you […] Continue Reading

The Benefits of Dental and Partial Dentures From Healthy Smiles of Georgia

If you want functioning teeth again, we encourage you to learn more about the benefits of dentures and partial dentures from Healthy Smiles of Georgia. The most important benefit is that you will have a set of fully functioning teeth […] Continue Reading

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