Rooting Root Canal Treatment

Rooting Root Canal Treatment Information: What You Need to Know

So, your dentist has just let you know that you need a root canal treatment and now you’re going through everything you can find on the internet about root canal treatment. And if this is your first, your mind must be filled with tons of questions along with fear and anxiety. Well, take a deep breath and relax. Below is everything that you need to know about root canal treatments.

What is a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment is done to repair or save a badly decayed or infected tooth. During a root canal treatment, the root canal specialist will remove the nerve and pulp, and clean and seal the inside of your tooth. If not treated, the tissue around the infected teeth will also become infected along with the formation of abscesses.

What is the procedure of a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment involves the following three steps.

  • Cleansing of the root canal: To begin with, the root canal dentist will remove everything inside the root canal. But don’t worry, you will be under local anaesthesia.
  • Filling the root canal: Your root canal specialist will then clean, shape, and decontaminate the hollow area and fill it with a rubber-like material.
  • Addition of a crown or filling: Lastly, a crown or filling is added to provide protection to the tooth. You must not bite or chew on the tooth until this step is done.

How painful is a root canal treatment?

This might be the only thing running through your mind by now. A treatment carried out by a trained root canal dentist will be comparatively painless. Actually, the pain patients feel comes from the infection and not the treatment. The treatment, in fact, helps alleviate the pain. Besides, you will be under local anaesthesia.

If you want your first root canal treatment experience to be a pleasant one, contact us at Healthy Smiles of George. Our highly trained and experienced root canal dentists have tons of successful cases to their credit and are renowned for painless treatments.

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