Achieve The Pearly White Smile of Your Dreams in Alpharetta

Everybody wants a picture-perfect, shiny white smile. But, it’s not naturally possible to retain the smile you had a decade ago. That is where professional teeth whitening helps people keep their oral dreams alive by making their teeth shine bright again. It’s an effortless procedure and the results are worth it. But why do teeth lose their shine and color in the first place? How are teeth whitened? Our teeth whitening dentist has answered your queries below.

Your teeth become discolored as you age.

This is a natural process and you can’t stop it from happening. But why does it occur? Our expert claims that there are several reasons behind teeth becoming stained. Under the enamel, the dentin and light’s reflection off of enamel is responsible for our teeth’s color. As we age, our enamel gets thinner, revealing more dentin and giving off a yellowish tinge. Some other reasons behind teeth discoloration include excessive drinking of dark beverages (like tea, red wine, coffee, etc.), heavy smoking, excessive fluoride usage in kids, etc.

Teeth whitening is often done in two ways.

Vital Whitening- This procedure involves whitening of teeth that have live nerves. It can be carried out by a professional dentist in a clinic or done by the patients themselves at home. The in-office method involves using a substance to guard your gums and bleaching your teeth using hydrogen peroxide. On the contrary, you can whiten your teeth at home by wearing the mouthpiece, lined with a whitening agent, your dentist provides.
Non-vital Whitening- This procedure is for those people who have undergone root canal therapy. It involves placing the whitening agent inside the tooth, filling it and removing it as and when required.

Get a wonderfully white smile in Alpharetta today!

If you want the spark and shine of your smile back, you must consult our leading experts at Healthy Smiles of Georgia. Our top-notch teeth whitening service in Alpharetta has given many of our patients the shine of their teeth back and we can’t wait to add you to that long list.

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