Are you a suitable candidate for dental implant treatment in Georgia?

Do you have one or more missing teeth? Dental implants is the answer to your problem!

Dental implants have revolutionized the teeth replacement procedure. They can offer a natural-looking smile and teeth that feel and function like real teeth. Isn’t it amazing?

Dental implant treatment involves the surgical placement of artificial tooth roots into your jawbone. Once the implant fuses with the jawbone, a restoration is placed.

Till now, it’s quite clear that dental implants have no match in terms of teeth replacement. But, is everyone an ideal candidate to get implant treatment?

There are a few criteria that have to be completed for a successful treatment. An ideal candidate for dental implants near me should have the following:

Sound general health

A patient with strong overall health is considered the right candidate for implants. Patients who have uncontrollable diabetes or an autoimmune disorder that can affect the healing procedure are not suitable for implants.

Healthy teeth and gums

Patients with good oral health including teeth and gums in good condition are preferred. There should not be any presence of periodontal diseases.

It’s advised to take gum disease therapy before getting implants for those suffering from gum diseases.

Enough bone density

Patients need to have sufficient bone density to accommodate dental implants.

If you don’t have sufficient bones to support implants, a bone grafting procedure before getting implant treatment can be helpful.


Cigarettes have nicotine in them and nicotine is a vasoconstrictor. They can impact the healing process. For a healthy implant treatment, one should drop any smoking or tobacco chewing habit.

Commitment to good oral hygiene

It’s important to have a healthy mouth before implants, but it’s equally important to maintain proper oral hygiene even after the treatment.

The above factors are just a guideline to the candidacy for dental implants.

To find whether you qualify for dental implants or not, visit Healthy Smiles of Georgia to get exceptional Dental Implants in Alpharetta.

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