How to take good care of your dental implants in Alpharetta?

Dental implants are one of the most sought after orthodontic treatments available to fill the space for lost teeth. While it can last a lifetime, like any other treatment, it requires care and concern. For its proper functioning and appearance, we need to impart decent care and attention to them. Here’s a guide to take excellent care of your implants for a long-lasting effect. Dental implants segregate into two broad categories. The first one is permanent, non-removable implants and the second being implant-supported dentures.

How to care for permanent implants?

Brushing – Brushing your restoration and natural teeth with the help of a soft-bristle toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste twice a day for a clean and hygienic mouth and implants.

Flossing – Our early childhood was filled with the tasks of learning to brush and floss properly. These basic self-care tips have been taught to us from a very young age. Although, when we have implants, a different approach to flossing is to be followed. Your dental implant dentist will educate you on the right technique.

Eating a judicious diet – Healthy and strong bones underneath your implants are sources of strength for the implants and they rely on them. For strong and healthy bones, you need to have the right diet. That also includes cutting down sugars, simple carbs and acidic beverages.

How to care for implant-supported dentures?

  • The first thing you need to do is inspect the product every day, as implant-supported dentures include a set of clips, O-rings and locator caps to remain in place.  
  • Brushing the product daily is extremely essential.
  • As per your dentist’s recommendation, use the right cleaner to soak the product.
  • To maintain the product well, an annual replacement of the hardware underneath the appliance is essential.
  • Never forget to rinse the product before putting it into your mouth.

Dental implants in Alpharetta require a minimal amount of care, but the benefits they offer in return is incomparable. If you are tired of searching, “best dental implants near me?” and still confused where to head, Healthy Smiles of Georgia is your ultimate destination. We are looking forward to offering a healthy, happy and beautiful smile.

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