Know whether you are an ideal candidate for dental implants

Millions of Americans lose at least one tooth every year due to different reasons. Are you one of them? If yes, dental implants must have passed through your mind for teeth replacement. Before you decide to get any treatment, many questions pop into your head and one of them is – “am I a suitable candidate for implants”? We understand how important it is for you to know whether you are suitable for the treatment or not. Read more to get clarity in your head. 

Generally, people are good candidates!

Dental implants can replace one, more than one or all of your teeth. They are an amazing substitute for bridges and dentures. Mostly any patient with healthy gums and enough jawbone to support and anchor implants is a good candidate for implants. Even if your bones are not sufficient to support implants, you can get implants after a bone grafting procedure. Dental implants are highly recommended to prevent any further bone loss.

Who all are at risk of poor outcomes?

Patients with uncontrolled diabetes, cancer, jaw radiation, smoking, alcoholism or gum diseases are at risk of the affected outcome of getting implants. You can be lucky even with the above-given diseases and get the treatment but under thorough assessment. Your dental implant dentist will work with your doctor to improve your overall health for a successful process.

Some patients take certain medications like steroids or drugs which are harmful to our immune system. They are not considered the right candidate. People with certain habits like clenching and grinding their teeth may not be suitable for implant dentistry

Still under confusion? 

Treatment for Dental implants are successful and patients are pleased with the outcome.  

Call us today at Healthy Smiles of Georgia to know whether implants are a good fit for you or not. Our experienced team will make a careful evaluation of your overall health and habits and suggest the right treatment.

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