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Root Canal Treatment: Facts and Myths

An endodontic treatment which is recommended as a substitute to extraction is a root canal. When we think of visiting a dentist, we become generally dread, but when tooth infections and other oral problems cause extreme discomfort, visiting a dentist becomes unavoidable. Your treatment depends on the issue you have. Your dentist will have his first choice as root canal treatment if your tooth can be recovered as normal. 

 Due to the myths related to root canal treatment, many of the patients flinch when thinking of having this treatment. They feel that extraction can be a better option and less painful and easy. Root canal treatment entails the ousting of inflamed or infected dental pulp tissue nerves, blood vessels. Then the root canal is cleaned, sealed and filled. Following it, a dental crown is positioned on the tooth to provide protection to it.

Here are some of the myths related to root canal treatment:

A root canal is very painful: 

This is a common myth about root canal treatment from ancient days when the procedure was done without the usage of advanced methods, unlike today. Today advancements have been made such that you feel very less pain. Also, the general anaesthesia given will numb the area, and the procedure will be painless.

Root canal must be done in several appointments:

 This is just a myth, and the fact is that the procedure can be completed in only one or two appointments. Sometimes there are some critical cases which may require different timings. 

Root canal treatment doesn’t last: 

 If root canal procedure is completed correctly, you can have your teeth restored for years and even lifetime. Most of the root canal dentists pick this and not extraction as this can save the teeth. 

A root canal is not recommended for a dead tooth:

Due to trauma or decay, toot dies when the blood supply to the inside nerve of the tooth is cut off.  Root canal treatment can save this tooth, and also it can avert the bacteria from increasing inside the dead tooth.

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