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Types of Dental bridges and why do you need it?

If you have missing teeth and you need to fill the gaps, dental bridges are the best option for you. A dental bridge is nothing but a false tooth which is held in place by the abutment teeth on either side of the gap.

Types of dental bridges

There are mainly four types of dental bridges:

  • A traditional dental bridge – This is the most common or popular type of dental bridge which has false teeth that are held in place by crowns. This can be used when your gap is surrounded by natural teeth on both sides.
  • Cantilever Dental bridge – These are somewhat similar to a dental bridge. Here the false teeth are held in its position with the help of a dental crown which is cemented to one abutment tooth. For this kind of bridge, you only need one natural tooth next to the gap.
  • Maryland Dental Bridge – This kind of bridge places two natural abutment teeth on each side of the space like traditional braces. They make use of a framework of metal or porcelain which is fixed on the backs of abutment teeth.
  • An implant-supported dental bridge – As the name says, this kind of bridge makes use of dental implants. Here, one implant is placed for each missing tooth with the help of surgery and bridge is held in position with the help of these implants.

Why a dental bridge is needed?

Dental bridge has various numbers of benefits including:

  • Restoration of your smile
  • Better chewing 
  • Restoration of your speech and pronunciation
  • Maintains the shape of your face
  • Readjusts your bite for better chewing
  • Helps in keeping the remaining tooth in position.

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