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When do you need emergency dental care?

Emergency dental situations can catch you at any hour. It can be on a holiday, weekend or in the midst of the night. Those dental situations which occur beyond office hours need emergency dental services. Before running to your emergency dentist in Alpharetta, it is essential to comprehend the difference between a normal dental issue that can wait till morning and a real emergency case that needs urgent emergency dental care. Let’s know more about dental emergencies.

How to recognise a dental emergency?

Given below are the signs of an emergency:

  • Severe pain in the teeth and jaws.
  • Lost tooth.
  • An abscess or severe infection in the mouth leading to life-threatening situations.
  • Bleeding from the mouth. 

If you experience any of the above symptoms, visit an emergency dentist immediately. 

Common dental emergencies

Here are some of the common dental emergencies and tips to know how to care for the situation until you reach the dentist.

Knocked-out teeth

An accident or an injury can knock out your teeth. Pick your tooth and place it in the small container of milk and rush to the dentist immediately.

Cracked or chipped teeth

If you are experiencing cracked or fractured teeth, then at first clean your mouth with luke-warm water and apply a cold compress to decrease the swelling. 

Abscessed tooth

A tooth abscess is a severe condition that can cause infection, fever, tooth sensitivity, headache, swelling, etc. This condition requires immediate emergency care. Before reaching the dentist, you can rinse your mouth with warm salt water to decrease the pain.

Are you in search of a reliable emergency dentist? Visit us at Healthy Smiles of Georgia and avail the best dental care for your family. We understand the immediate dental needs and offer emergency oral services to save your smile. Contact us today for any further enquiry. 

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